RED Hydrogen One • Final Builds

Leia Inc. has chosen to host these apps for the convenience of users still utilizing RED Hydrogen One. Proper functionality is not guaranteed. Please use at your own risk.

RED discontinued support for RED Hydrogen One in 2019, and Leia Inc. sunsetted application updates and support at the end of 2020. As a result of ongoing interest from enthusiasts coupled with the Leia appstore™ no longer being supported on RED Hydrogen One, we are providing download links to the final Hydrogen-compatible builds for the Leia Lightfield apps listed below.

If you like your RED Hydrogen One and are looking for a newer Lightfield device, click here to check out other products with a Leia display.


The Camera application for RED Hydrogen One.

Download Hydrogen Camera App 3.9.10


The Lightfield media player and photo editor for RED Hydrogen One.

Download LeiaPlayer 2.17


Leia's premier social network for Lightfield photos. Post, Like, Comment, and Share Lightfield images with others.

Download LeiaPix 2.4


This app allows you to curate and playback a Lightfield slideshow on your RED Hydrogen One.

Download LeiaFrame


This app allows you to view 3D models on RED Hydrogen One.

Download LeiaViewer


This AR app powered by Google ARCore lets you paint in the air by walking around and moving your RED Hydrogen One.

Download Aura


This app lets you sculpt with virtual clay.

Download Clay

The Uncatchables

This game in the style of Flappy Bird has you tapping away to avoid obstacles and pick up pearls to rack up a high score.

Download The Uncatchables

Dungeon: Visual Demo

This visual demo is a scene of a dungeon rendering in real-time in the Unity game engine, with incredible lighting effects.

Download Dungeon

Tower Defense: Example Leia SDK Demo

This demo is an example app made with the Leia SDK in the Unity game engine which helps devs reading the Leia Unity documentation understand how to make apps for Leia platforms.

Download Tower Defense

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