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How can I pay for my order? What cards do you take?

We have a number of convenient order payment options available to our customers on our website: Shop Pay, PayPal, GPay (using Chrome), Apple Pay (Using Safari), Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Affirm.

Who should I contact if I have any questions after I receive my Lume Pad 2?

Whether you have technical or general support questions about the Lume Pad 2, please contact our support team. We'll make sure to get you sorted.

What stores/Where can I see Lume Pad 2 in person?

The flagship B&H Store in New York City has Lume Pad 2 on display for customers to see and play with. Outside of that, our products are not currently available in stores.

However, we are offering a 30-day free return policy, so you can order it and try it out yourself and return it hassle-free if it's not right for you.

Can everyone see the 3D effect?

The 3D effect can be perceived by most people using the Lume Pad 2. In rare cases, people with visual processing challenges like astigmatism, being blind in one eye, or similar issues may not see the sterescopic 3D effect or it may seem much more muted to them. However in apps that display novel camera views from Leia FaceTracking, everyone is able to see depth from the motion parallax 3D effect.

What version of Android is it running?

The Lume Pad 2 runs Android 12L. So, if your favorite apps support it, you should be set!

Does the Lume Pad 2 have the Google Play Store?

Yes, Lume Pad 2 is a GMS (Google Mobile Services) certified Android tablet with the entire Google Play Store. Other Google services are available too, like virtual assistant, ARCore, and more!

What apps and software come preloaded on Lume Pad 2?

Out of the box, Lume Pad 2 has Android 12L and the whole Leia 3D App Suite including LeiaCam, LeiaPlayer, LeiaChat, LeiaDream, LeiaFlix, LeiaTube, LeiaPix, LeiaFrame, LeiaViewer, and of course the Leia Appstore. All the Google apps you know and love are also preloaded, including the Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. In addition, you can find many more 3D apps and games on the Leia Appstore!

Can Lume Pad 2 turn any 2D photo or video into 3D?

Yes, it can turn any pre-existing 2D media content into 3D. Any photo or video stored locally on the device can be converted using LeiaPlayer. LeiaTube will allow you to convert popular video streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, CNN, Facebook or Twitch to 3D. This means the pool of content to enjoy in 3D is virtually infinite!

What’s battery life like?

Battery life varies based on usage. In the worst case, a user running a real-time game in 3D mode at maximum brightness will run down the battery in a little over two hours. Using the device like a normal tablet at a comfortable brightness to browse the web or watch 2D video is competitive with other major tablet devices, and the battery is rated to last over 10 hrs. The Lume Pad 2 has better battery life when displaying immersive content than leading premium VR headsets.

Does 3D use more battery power than 2D?

Additional power is required to project 3D imagery. As a result, 3D content does spend more battery life than traditional 2D content.

What kind of charger do I need to charge my Lume Pad 2?

The Lume Pad 2 is rated for Quick Charge 3.0 (a.k.a. QC3.0 / Super Fast Charge) with a rating of 33W or greater. Be sure to use a USB-C to USB-C cable, like the one included with the Lume Pad 2.

Do you have any recommendations for a wireless mouse and keyboard that would pair well with the Lume Pad 2?

Any Bluetooth mouse and/or keyboard that works with Android 12 should work perfectly on Lume Pad 2.

How much storage is on the device?

The Lume Pad 2 comes with 128GB internal storage and a MicroSD card slot for additional, removable internal storage. The Lume Pad also supports external storage through the USB-C port, and cloud services.

Does the Lume Pad 2 accept a MicroSD Card?

Yes, the Lume Pad 2 accepts a microSD/TF/XC 3.0 card, up to 2TB!

What comes in the Lume Pad 2 box?

In addition to the Lume Pad 2, there's a USB-C to USB-C cable. There is no USB-C power adapter included in the box. Make sure to use a USB power adapter that supports fast charging (such as USB-PD) with a rating 33W or more.

We don't include a charger in the box because most of our customers already have several AC adapters and we wanted to reduce our impact on the environment. In addition, we wanted users to be able to choose which power adapter they use with Lume Pad 2, as some more exensive and higher wattage chargers can charge the device even faster, while many users will be happy with a 33W adapter. Finally, we also chose not to include an adapter in the box to try to help keep the price down for all customers.

Is Lume Pad 2 water resistant?

The Lume Pad 2 has some splash-resistance but is NOT waterproof. Try to avoid any exposure to water, coffee or any other liquids.

What is the sound quality like on the Lume Pad 2?

The Lume Pad 2 is equipped with four amazing and loud speakers supporting Dolby ATMOS. Lume Pad 2 also supports Qualcomm aptX(tm), meaning that audio devices connected over Bluetooth that support the standard will playback with super low latency and with great audio quality too! Multi-dimensional spatial audio in Lume Pad 2 provides incredible realism for movies, music and games.

I see the Lume Pad 2 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 - is that enough?

Yes, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 offers best in class mobile performance. All the apps we've ever thrown at it run very smoothly.

How many nits has Lume Pad 2? (Brightness)

450 nits in 2D mode 300 nits in 3D mode

Does the Lume Pad 2 support GPS?

Yes! Lume Pad 2 does support GPS and it works in navigation apps!

What file formats for pictures/videos/models are supported on Lume Pad 2?

3D Images & Video: - Leia Image Format / LIF (JPG) - Leia Video Format / LVF (MP4) - Side by Side 3D / SBS / 2x1 (JPG, PNG, WEBP) (MP4, MKV, WEBM, H4V) - Legacy 3D Formats (MPO, JPS)

2D Images & Video: - JPG - PNG - WEBP - HEIC - MP4, MKV - WEBM

3D Models: - STL, FBX, OBJ, GLB, and GLTF.

Can I use a stylus with my Lume Pad 2?

The Lume Pad 2 does not support an active stylus. However, you can use a passive stylus with your Lume Pad 2, like SonarPen.

How has Leia incorporated AI into its products?

Leia has made significant investments in AI research and development, which is reflected in our products. We have been able to leverage AI technologies to enhance the user’s experience, improve functionality, solve complex problems, and provide new features. By incorporating AI, our products can:

  1. Use 3D•AI software and hardware to create crystal clear and vivid imagery, giving content a heightened sense of realism.

  2. Use Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB) displays to generate the image, while Leia FaceTracking follows the frame of the face and steers the image in optimal direction for the user. The face tracking feature works for faces of all complexions.

Use 3D•AI technology for 2D to 3D real time conversion while enhancing images and videos.

Why is 3D•AI viewing only for single users at this time?

Leia’s 3D•AI uses face tracking to optimize and sharpen 3D images. Currently, it’s designed to follow one facial “form” in front of the display to ensure industry-leading sharpness for 3D imagery. As displays increase in resolution (8K+) it may make sense to support more than one user.

Are there any limitations to the kind of 2D content Leia’s 3D•AI can convert into 3D, on the tablet?

Leia’s AI can convert any local 2D media file into 3D, as well as video streams from the web, as long as they don’t have DRM protection. As long as the content is in a supported file type (e.g., JPEG, MP4, etc.) and does not have DRM, our technology can convert it to 3D.

How does the 3D•AI work with VR and AR?

The 3D•AI technology powering the Lume Pad 2 works with VR/AR in various ways. Lume Pad 2 is fully Google ARCore certified, and you can run existing ARCore apps in 2D on Lume Pad 2 and build ARCore apps that support 3D as well. In LeiaPlayer, both VR180/360 photos and videos can be played back in 3D, and it can even convert 2D 360 photos and videos into 3D. LeiaTube can play back both VR180 and 360 videos from the web too. The VR and AR experiences on Leia platforms are unique and can not be experienced on any other device. 3D•AI enables a deeper level of engagement than XR devices with a far more balanced immersive experience that does not isolate users from their surroundings, and is much more accessible as it can be enjoyed instantly without donning headgear.

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