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Leia Inc. Limited Warranty consists of the following two parts:

Part 1 - General Terms

This Leia Inc. limited warranty applies only to Leia Inc. hardware products you purchase for your own use and not for resale.

What this Limited Warranty covers

If the product does not function as warranted during the warranty period, you may obtain warranty service by contacting Leia Inc. The limited warranty service information is available on the website: https://support.leiainc.com/customer-support/warranty

Customer Responsibilities for Limited Warranty service

Before limited warranty service is provided, you must take the following steps: • Follow the service request procedures specified by Leia Inc. • Backup or secure all programs and data contained in the product • Provide Leia Inc. with related system keys or passwords • Provide Leia Inc. with sufficient, free, and safe access to your facilities to perform service • Remove all data, including confidential information, proprietary information, and personal information, from the product or, if you are unable to remove any such information, modify the information to prevent its access by other parties. Leia Inc. shall not be responsible for the loss or disclosure of any data, including confidential information, proprietary information, or personal information, on a product returned or accessed for warranty service

What Leia Inc. does to provide Limited Warranty service

When you contact Leia Inc., you must follow the specified problem determination and resolution procedures. Leia Inc. will attempt to diagnose and solve your problem by telephone, email or remote assistance. If your problem still cannot be solved; Leia Inc. will arrange service as per the limited warranty service type designated for the product under "Part 2 ".

Replacement of Products and Parts

When limited warranty service involves the replacement of a product or part, the replaced product or part becomes Leia Inc's property, and the replacement product or part becomes your property. Only unaltered Leia Inc products and parts are eligible for replacement. The replacement product or part shall be warranted for the balance of the period remaining on the original product. If the remaining limited warranty period is less than 3 months, the limited warranty service will be provided for 3 months. The customer needs to pay for the freight sending the defective product to Leia Inc., and Leia Inc. shall pay for the freight sent back to the customer after repair. In case the received defective product has no problem after Leia Inc.’s inspection, the customer shall pay for the freight sent back to the customer.

Use of customer contact information

If you obtain service under this limited warranty, you authorize Leia Inc to store, use, and process information about your warranty service and your contact information, including name, phone number, address, and email address. Leia Inc. may use this information to perform service under this warranty. We may contact you to inquire about your satisfaction with our warranty service or to notify you about any product recalls or safety issues.

What this Limited Warranty does not cover

This limited warranty does not cover the following: • Loss or damage to Leia Inc. hardware product you purchase arising from or in connection with (i) Abuse, tampering modification, and/or disassembling other than by Leia Inc. authorized personnel; (ii) Negligent use and/or misuse (including improper storage, exposure to moisture, excessive temperature, sand, dust, dirt, other pollution or other environmental conditions, and failure to follow recommended precautions and operating instructions); (iii) Fire, flood, lightning, strike, or other acts of God; (iv) Defective consumable items such as battery leakage; and (v) Accidental damage. • Loss or damage to Leia Inc. hardware product you purchase arising from or in connection with the malfunction of, connection to, and/or use of parts, accessories, and consumables not authorized or recommended by Leia Inc. In such event, Leia Inc. reserves the right to terminate the Limited Warranty immediately. • Leia Inc. hardware product with its serial number removed, defaced, or altered.

Limitation of Liability

Leia Inc. is responsible for loss or damage to your product only when it is in Leia's possession or in transit, if Leia Inc. is responsible for the transportation. Leia Inc. is not responsible for the loss or disclosure of any data, including confidential information, proprietary information, or personal information, contained in the product.

How to process beyond Limited Warranty period

When beyond the limited warranty period, the customer shall take both back and forth freight for the defective product and pay for repair hours and materials.

Limited Warranty service decision or change

All decisions made by Leia Inc. regarding this Limited Warranty (including repairs, replacements, or issues related to defects of workmanship or/and materials) shall be conclusive and binding on the product purchaser.

Leia Inc. reserves the right to change the service method by which Leia Inc. provides limited warranty services and your product eligibility to receive a particular type of service.

Part 2 - Limited Warranty Service Information

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