Learn all about what's possible on the world's first Lightfield tablet.

What is Lume Pad?

Lume Pad is the world’s first Lightfield tablet. A crisp, comfortable 10.8-inch Lightfield display offering a no-compromise experience for the Android apps you know and love as well as a suite of apps that you can see in stereoscopic 3D with the naked eye without ANY specialized eyewear required.

If you’re a creator that wants to see your content in a new light, Lume Pad provides a beautiful medium to highlight your work.

Whether you’re designing buildings, developing games, creating 3D models in new ways, or even if you’re constructing a new take on medical visualization software: the Lume Pad is the tool for you. Pictures, videos, and 3D models. All elevated to the next level with Lightfield.

It all starts here with the Lume Pad and its powerful Leia app suite.

This guide will help you understand everything you can do with your Lume Pad.

Anatomy of the Lume Pad

The Lume Pad is a high-quality Android tablet with a chassis made of brushed aluminum. On the back of the device you'll find the Lume Pad and LitByLeia logos, the high-quality 3D camera, and the antenna window.

On the front of the device you'll find the front-facing camera, the ToF sensor, and of course, the DLB Lightfield display.

On the right side of the device you'll find the volume rocker and the lock button, and on the top of the device you'll find the USB-C charging port.

It all starts with the screen

At Leia, we’ve developed a single optical layer sculpted by nanotechnology that sits just underneath the LCD display to create the Lightfield effect, powered by what we call Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB).

With 2D content, the Lume Pad’s 10.8-inch screen projects out a bright 2560X1600 picture. When used for traditional Android apps, that 16:10 screen looks bright, sharp and, well, like a normal high-end Android tablet.

But when the DLB is activated, lights pass through it to create a dynamic Lightfield 3D effect. The light projects out four views simultaneously in 16 directions -- this is Lume Pad's Lightfield view mode. Unlike other 3D solutions, Lume Pad is brighter, thinner, can instantly switch between full-quality 2D and Lightfield 3D, and can be rotated to support every orientation while in 3D. Lume Pad is LitByLeia.

Our goal is to deliver our vision of how Lightfield can change the way we see art, engage in commerce, and affect the world.

If you want more of a breakdown of how Leia’s DLB technology works, check it out here.

Software for Lume Pad

Leia appstore is your one-stop-shop for downloading all the Lightfield apps for Lume Pad. The Leia appstore has over 100 Lightfield apps and games, with more launching every month.

LeiaLogin is a unified account system across Leia's Lightfield apps and select partner apps from the Leia appstore.

LeiaPlayer is the one-stop shop for playing back 3D and Lightfield media. We call it LeiaPlayer, but really, this app does a whole lot more than simply play your Lightfield images and videos. It is a quick and powerful editing tool for your Lightfield images, gives you the power to convert 2D images and videos into 3D, and links directly to your smartphone's camera with Lume Link.

LeiaPix is the biggest social network for 3D images ever with 100,000+ unique 3D and Lightfield images. Share your content — and connect — with an active community of fellow creators. Then export your creations to MP4, GIF... or even order Prints of your favorite shots as lenticular photos, straight from the app! LeiaTube let's anyone stream videos from their favorite streaming video platforms like YouTube and Twitch in Lightfield 3D. LeiaFlix let's anyone easily rent Hollywood movies in Lightfield 3D with a few taps.

LeiaStream is a growing network of 3D Lightfield video creators. LeiaStream was built from the ground up to support your creations.

LeiaCam takes Lightfield photos and videos at the press of a button. Photos are saved in Leia Image Format, which can instantly be sent to non-LitByLeia devices where they'll be seen in standard 2D, or to another LitByLeia device where they can be edited or viewed. Videos are saved as a high quality 4K per eye SBS, so they can be easily edited on traditional NLE video editing software or viewed on legacy 3D devices.

LeiaViewer allows you to see 3D models in new lights, textures and with 3D that leaps off the screen. And, with Sketchfab integration, you have access to over 500,000 3D models and animations.

LeiaFrame turns your Lume Pad into a portable 10.8-inch 3D photo frame with ease.

Dicom Viewer by Leia Inc takes all your vital 3D model files and makes them come to life on the Lume Pad's 4V Lightfield screen. See medical scans with new clarity and perspectives. Google Play is fully supported on Lume Pad as well, and all your favorite apps will run incredibly on the Lume Pad in 2D.

Lightfield Studio is the professional video tool for Lightfield creators. This computer application (MacOS, Windows) allows you to easily create Lightfield video optimized for Lume Pad.

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