LeiaPix Prints

Order 3D image prints of your LeiaPix posts.

LeiaPix Prints allows you to easily order prints of your favorite LeiaPix posts in 3D.

Here's how you order LeiaPix Prints:

  • Open your LeiaPix Profile Page

  • Tap the Prints icon

  • Tap "Add Photo"

  • Select up to 15 of your LeiaPix Posts

  • Tap "Next"

  • Choose the quantity you want of each Print

  • Tap "Next"

  • Tap "Add Address" and add your shipping address

  • Tap "Add Payment" and add your payment information

  • Tap "Order Prints" to order your LeiaPix Prints

It's that easy! LeiaPix Prints are made by hand and will be delivered within one to two weeks.

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