Lume Link

Lume Link is a feature of LeiaPlayer that allows you send pictures directly from your linked smartphone to your Lume Pad.

The Lume Link tab on the side of LeiaPlayer allows you to connect your smartphone to your Lume Pad. Then, you can easily send pictures to your Lume Pad from your mobile device and they'll appear in 3D Lightfield in LeiaPlayer.

It's easy!

Instructions on Lume Pad

  • Go to the Lume Link tab in LeiaPlayer

  • Sign in using LeiaLogin

  • You'll see a pin number on-screen

Instructions on Mobile Device

  • Now grab your mobile device.

  • On your mobile device, go to your device's app store and download LeiaLink

  • Open LeiaLink and follow the instructions on the screen

  • Type your LeiaLogin account's email address into the LeiaLink app

  • Type the pin number on your Lume Pad into the LeiaLink app

  • Your Lume Pad and mobile device are now linked!

Now you can go to the image gallery on your smartphone, select images, and share them to the LeiaLink app. They will appear in the Lume Link tab in LeiaPlayer on your Lume Pad, except they'll be in beautiful Lightfield 3D!

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