DICOM Viewer

A viewer for DICOM 3D models which are optimized around medical use cases. This app allows you to interact with DICOM file sets while viewing them in 3D Lightfield view mode.

Being able to bring your DICOM files to your tablet is vital for any medical professional. However, having those very same files projected as 3D holograms with depth and texture is a game changer. DICOM Viewer is your pipeline to getting the medical imaging data you need onto your Lume Pad. Take DICOM-based data - whether it’s medical scans (MRI or Ultrasound) or more - and view it in true 3D on the Lume Pad’s screen. No glasses required, you can get more context and detail in ways never before seen on a tablet.

Best of all, it’s simple to get the files prepared quickly - even when timing is critical.

For the sake of this demo, A DICOMfile can be a single file or a set of several .dcm files. Here is an example of a file set for a single DICOMmodel. Each file is a layer of the model. All files will be needed to display the model correctly.

To copy a DICOMfile over to your Lume Pad, first connect your Lume Pad to your PC or Mac via USB cable. When the popup appears saying “Use USB for” select the File Transfer option.

On your PC or Mac open the folder for your Lume Pad.

Create a folder in which you want to store the model files. “Models” will be used in this example.

For every model you plan to copy over, you’ll need to create a separate folder there.

On your PC locate the model files you wish to copy over or download them from whichever service you use (Dropbox, GDrive, Onedrive…)

If the model file is zipped, it will need to be unzipped before copying over.

Once the models have been unzipped (if needed) drag the files over to the folder you created on the Lume Pad.

Once the model files are in place, you’re ready.

Inside the DICOMviewer app, touch the Open a Dicom File button.

Click on the Hamburger icon in the upper left corner.

Click the Lume Pad storage icon (LPD-10W) > Then click on the model folder and then the folder you put the model in.

Click on any of the DCM files to open the model.

That’s all there is to it. A quick drag-and-drop operation and you’re ready to get a more detailed view of your patient’s needs.

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