Capture 3D Lightfield photos and videos with a tap.

Take Photos

  • When you launch the app, you will open into Photo Capture Mode in 3D

  • Tap the white capture button to take a photo

  • Photos captured by the Lume Pad's Rear Stereo Camera saved in 3D will be in the LIF format (a type of JPEG), which you can view in Leia apps in 3D or anywhere else in 2D

Camera Switch

  • Tap the camera switch button to switch between the front and rear camera

Preview Image

  • Tap the image preview icon in the bottom right corner to view your image in LeiaPlayer

Take Videos

  • Tap Videos tab to change to video capture mode

  • Tap the white and red capture button to take a video

  • Videos can be captured in 3D or 2D by changing the selection in the Settings in the bottom lefthand corner

LeiaCam Settings

Grid View

  • Tap the Grid Off button to turn on the rule of thirds grid

  • Rule of thirds is a common compositional technique that divies your frame into an equal, 3x3 grid with two horizontal and vertical lines that intersect at four points

  • Place your subject on the left-third or right-third of the frame to create a pleasing composition


  • By default, the camera flash will be turned off

  • Tap the flash off icon to view 3 options: flash on, flash off and auto-flash

  • Tap the lighting icon to turn flash on

  • Tap the lighting icon with an A to turn auto-flash on

Front and Rear Camera Differences

Rear 3D Camera

Photos and videos from the Rear 3D Camera can be captured in 3D or 2D.

Rear Camera Photo Specs

  • 2x 13MP Sensors

  • f/1.8

  • Wide

  • Close-loop

  • AF

  • Depth map captured in real time

  • Saved as LIF photo

Rear Camera Video Specs

  • 2x 1080p@30fps

  • Saved as an SBS video

Front Camera

Photos and videos taken with the front camera can only be captured in 2D.

Front Camera Photo Specs

  • 8MP

  • f/2.0

  • Wide angle

Front Camera Video Specs

  • 1080p@30fps

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