Filetypes Captured in LeiaCam

This page describes the filetypes that LeiaCam captures.

Photo File Format

JPEG: All 3D images captured in LeiaCam are saved in the Leia Image Format with the file extension .jpeg at the end of the filename. All 2D images taken are standard JPEG photos.

What is Leia Image Format? Leia Image Format (a.k.a. LIF) is a JPEG picture that is encoded with extra information making the image viewable as a Lightfield image. Leia devices will automatically identify LIF files as a 3D image and display them in Lightfield view mode. Leia Image Format is fully backwards compatible as a 2D image on all non-Leia devices. If you send or upload a LIF through a platform that compresses images, depth information may be lost.

Video File Format

MP4: All videos captured in LeiaCam are saved in the MP4 format with the file extension .mp4 at the end of the filename.

SBS: If the video is taken with settings that enable 3D, the MP4 will be encoded in SBS (Side by Side) format, which is a 3D filetype where one video per eye is encoded side by side, the left eye on the left, and the right eye on the right. These files will automatically be detected on Leia devices as 3D videos. They may be backwards compatible with other 3D devices, but may require extra filename tagging or manual option selection to show the file in 3D. On 2D devices, you will be able to play back the SBS file, however you will see both the left and right eye video on the screen at the same time.

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