LeiaFlix is a movie rental system that allows you to stream studio movies direct to your Lume Pad. With LeiaFlix you pay a small rental fee, and you can play a movie in Lightfield mode any number of times for two full days.
You can try LeiaFlix for free as the application has two movies that are bundled with your Lume Pad. You can enjoy these two movies any number of times.
To play a movie, you simply browse the catalog on the application's home screen, where you can select the bundled movies, the highlighted movies of the week, the recently added films, or a few select genres.
If you'd rather choose by genre, LeiaFlix enables you to do so by providing you with a way to select the genre such as Action, Comedy or Animated and the application will only show you movies that belong to the selected category.
LeiaFlix also allows you to search the catalog, so you may search by title, director, actors and any of the information associated with each movie.
Once you have selected a movie you will be presented with the particular details for that film, and then you can watch the trailer for free, or rent the movie and begin streaming it right away.
This service is only available in the United States and its territories.
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