2D to 3D Lightfield Conversion

This page explains how to convert 2D media into Lightfield 3D media in LeiaPlayer.
2D to 3D Lightfield conversion couldn't be simpler. Simply open your 2D image or video in LeiaPlayer and tap on the Leia Lightfield View Switch in the bottom left hand corner. Voila, your file is now viewable in 3D Lightfield!
For images, a 3D copy of the image will be made in the LIF format, so you'll now have the original untouched 2D file as well as a 3D LIF copy.
For video, the conversion is done in real-time and your 2D video file will remain untouched. You will need to follow the above process each time you return to your video if you'd like to view it in 3D.
If your file is a Portrait Mode image from iOS with an Apple Depth Map, the embedded depth map will be used in the 3D Lightfield conversion.
To learn more about the different filetypes, go to Supported Filetypes in LeiaPlayer.
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