Editing Images

This page describes the options available when editing images in LeiaPlayer.

Editing Tools

Depth Slider

  • The Depth slider controls the disparity value of your image. As you move the slider up, you will perceive more depth

  • Disparity is the difference in image location of the same 3D point when projected under perspective to two different camera views

  • Perception of depth arises from the “disparity” of a given 3D point in your right and left retinal images

Focus Slider

  • The Focus slider controls the convergence value of your image.

  • As you move the slider up, more objects in your image will appear to be popping out of the front of the screen

  • As you move the slider down, more objects in your image will appear to be moving backward behind the screen

  • The convergence value is the point at which the left and right eye images align, which sets the location of convergence at the screen plane

  • Objects in front of this point will appear to be in front of the screen and those behind will appear to be behind the screen

Bokeh Slider

  • The bokeh slider controls the digital blur applied to background pixels that are located behind the convergence plane

  • If you move the convergence slider to the very top, there are no pixels considered as behind the convergence plane, and thus aren’t part of the background

  • Thus you won’t see any digital blur applied to those pixels, even if you move the Bokeh slider to the very top

If you feel the need to increase the depth of your image a considerable amount to the point where you start to see visual artifacts in the background, you can add some bokeh, as it will blur the background and help conceal the artifacts.


  • These are primarily straightforward chroma editors that you will see in any mobile photo editing app


  • This will increase the brightness of all shadows and highlights in your image

  • Your photo will look brighter overall as you move the slider up


  • This will increase the photo’s color intensity

  • The colors in your photo will look more intense as you move the slider up


  • Contrast is the range of difference between different tones in a photo

  • For black and white photos, contrast describes the difference between the darkest and lightest tones

  • For color photos, contrast applies to how sharply colors stand out from one another

  • As you move the slider up, bright colors will appear brighter

  • As you move the slider down, dark colors will appear darker


  • Adjusting the Hue slider to see shifts in the color values in your images

  • You can radically alter your photos colors

  • Smaller, more incremental adjustments can effectively reduce unwanted color casts and correct the photos white balance

Color Pop

  • Color Pop will remove color from pixels considered as part of the background

  • This makes the colors of objects in the foreground really standout

  • This is the only feature in the Color section that makes use of the disparity map


  • Simple tools for resizing and rotating your image.

  • Note that if you crop an image down to a smaller size, its disparity and convergence values will increase, which will increase the depth sensation


  • This is where the artistic flavor gets added

  • Tap any of the relighting presets, and you will have different lighting configurations added to your image.

  • These lighting placements use the depth map to get placed into different parts of the image.

After applying a preset and hitting the check button to confirm your changes, you can open the Relighting section again and add another preset. This will let you create custom presets by combining multiple presets together. If you keep adding them, your pictures will start to take on a very different tone.


  • Apply styles to your images by selecting the preset filters.

  • As with relighting, you can apply multiple presets to each image to create your own custom styles.

  • Combine these filters with a bunch of relighting presets to make each image a unique work of art

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