Lightfield Animations

This page describes how to create beautiful and shareable Lightfield Animations.

You can turn any 3D image file in LeiaPlayer into a Lightfield Animation. This is a an animation that can be shared anywhere that can give others an understanding of the depth in your 3D image.

To create and share a Lightfield Animation, all you have to do is open the 3D Lightfield image that you want to turn into a Lightfield Animation, tap the Share button, and then select either "Video Animation" or "GIF Animation".

Video Animations will be in the MP4 file format and GIF Animations will obviously be in the GIF file format.

Video Animations export in higher quality but GIF Animations may be supported on platforms where sharing a video isn't. In addition, some platforms like Twitter will compress video files but will leave GIFs uncompressed. Also, GIFs play automatically, but videos may require a viewer to click or tap to play the Video Animation. Many times you'll find that there's no option to automatically loop videos on the platform you're using, while GIFs will do so by default.

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