Editing Lightfield Images

There are many ways to edit 3D images just like 2D images, including PhotoShop, GIMP, Photopea, and more. Once you get comfortable with using LeiaPlayer, you should explore using other tools to better suit your needs too.

But for now we're going to focus on the primary method for the Leia platform: LeiaPlayer. LeiaPlayer is an incredibly robust editing tool for Lightfield photos, primarily because it will take photos of any format including LIF, SBS, MPO, and JPS. Quad Lightfield images, however, can not be edited in LeiaPlayer and must be edited elsewhere.

Editing images in LeiaPlayer

To improve the visual quality and add artistic flair to your images, open an image in the gallery and then tap the edit pencil icon. You will see 5 main editing tool sections from left to right: depth, color, resize, Styles and Relighting.


The Depth editor controls the disparity of your image

The Focus slider controls the convergence value of your image

The bokeh slider controls the blur of background pixels that are behind the convergence plane. So if you move the convergence slider to the very top, there are no pixels considered as behind the convergence plane, and thus aren’t part of the background. So you won’t see any Bokeh effect even if you increase it to the top of the slider.

If you feel the need to increase the depth of your image considerably to the point where you start to see visual artifacts in the background of the image, you can add in some Bokeh to blur the background and conceal the artifacts.


These are straightforward chroma editors including brightness, contrast, saturation and hue.

Color Pop will remove color from pixels considered as part of the background, to make certain colors in the foreground and focus plane “pop”.


Simple tools for resizing and rotating your image. Note that if you crop an image down to a smaller size, its disparity and convergence values will increase, gibing it more of a depth feeling.


This is where the artistic flavor gets added. Tap any of the relighting presets, and you will have different lighting configurations added to your image. These lighting placements use the depth map to get placed into different parts of the image.

Pro tip: after applying a preset and hitting check, you can open Relighting section again and add another preset. This lets you create custom presets by combining many of them together. If you keep adding them, your pictures will start to take on a very different tone.

Filters Apply styles to your images by selecting the presets. As with relighting, you can apply multiple presets to each image to create your own custom styles. Combine this with a bunch of relighting presets to make each image a unique work of art.

To learn more about editing in LeiaPlayer, check out the LeiaPlayer page on Editing Images.

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