Leia Account

Your Leia Account is the easy-to-use unified account system for all Leia products and apps.

Your Leia Account uses a Single sign-on (SSO) authentication method that enables you to enter your login credentials once to give you access to all Leia apps and services across the same device.

Your Leia Account provides access to a unified user account experience across Leia’s hardware and software.

Logging in is simple.

On Lume Pad, your Leia Account supports creating accounts with either your email address or your Google Account. If you choose to sign in with your email address, you will need to create a password, along with providing your first and last name, and birth date. If you're using Google to sign in, some data from your Google account like your name may be synced with your Leia Account. Information provided on your account is never used in other apps (e.g. LeiaPix) without your express approval.

You can manage your Leia Account through the web. There will be a link to open the web portal to manage your Leia Account in the Settings of any app that uses the Leia Account login.

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