Editing 3D Video

In most cases, editing 3D video for Lume Pad is largely the same as editing 2D video. However, there are some caveats.

Firstly, you must ensure you're working with SBS video, and not with LVF video. You can learn more about how to convert from LVF to SBS in Sharing 3D Video.

One major consideration is that Lume Pad has a 16:10 ratio. If you'd like to make use of full screen on Lume Pad, you may want to create a 16:10 video. However, 16:9 and wider ratios will play on Lume Pad with horizontal black bars above and below your content.

There are two kinds of video you can edit into Lightfield video that can play on Lume Pad:

  • 2D Video

  • 3D SBS Video

2D Video

For 2D video, you have one major consideration which will affect decisions you make: will you want to keep the output in 2D and have it converted on-the-fly in LeiaPlayer? Or will you want to convert the finished product (or the original clips) into SBS?

If you wish to play it back on Lume Pad using Instant 2D to 3D conversion in LeiaPlayer, then the process is identical to editing a regular 2D video.

If you wish to adjust the depth of the conversion, make manual edits to the 3D views, or use the 2D clips as part of a larger 3D video, then you must first do as much editing as you can to the 2D video until the clips look the way you want, then convert the videos to SBS 3D using a third party tool.

3D SBS Video

Working in SBS is the recommended method for creating 3D video on Lume Pad.

Luckily, most major NLE's fully support 3D SBS video. These include:

Once you have your SBS master of your video, you can use it as-is everywhere in the Leia ecosystem.

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