Sharing 3D Video

Sharing 3D Video is easy! You can simply send the LVF or SBS video file to the other person using any communication platform that supports sending video (and doesn't compress the video in the case of LVF) and it will be able to be played back on the recipient's Lume Pad.

If you'd like to share it to many people, you can upload it to YouTube or another video platform that's supported by LeiaTube in SBS format. If you want the video to work for users of legacy 3D devices and VR headsets as well as Lume Pad, share SBS video to YouTube. Convert from LVF to SBS using FFMPEG To convert your LVF video to SBS, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Install FFMPEG on your computer. This will be different depending on which operating system your computer uses, but you can Google how to do so. Using a package manager like Chocolatey on Windows or Homebrew on MacOS can make it much easier.

  2. Run the scripts below with the LVF file you want to convert by utilizing the example command in the following line:

sudo sh /filepathOfScript/ /filepathOfLeiaCamVideo/nameOfVideo.mp4

Link to scripts:

LVF to SBS Script

LVF to LR Script

NOTES: Sudo isn’t required but is probably a good idea. You may need to add the script to your PATH variable if you have any issues and didn't use a package manager. You should also ensure you're running the command inside the directory you want the constructed file to end up in. To make it easy, you should probably have the script and original LVF in the same folder as you want the output files to be. The instructions for lvf2sbs and lvf2lr are the same, with the only difference being one gives you a constructed SBS, the other gives you the left video, right video, and audio all as separate files.

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