Leia Appstore

Your one-stop shop for 3D apps on Lume Pad.

Leia Appstore is the only place to explore, download, and update Leia apps.

Lume Pad apps like LeiaCam and LeiaPlayer can be updated in the Leia Appstore, and you can find awesome new 3D apps and games to download.

Many apps will be auto-updated via the Leia Appstore. To ensure auto-update works properly, make sure you're logged into Leia Appstore with your Leia Account.

Home Page

When you open the Leia Appstore app, you will arrive at the Leia Appstore Home Page.

At the top of the page under the Leia Appstore logo, you will find Featured Apps. This horizontal scrolling list will show you featured content highlighted by Leia.

Explore Page

Tapping the Explore button in the bottom center of the screen will take you to the Explore tab. Explore provides vertical scrolling lists of Games and Apps, so you can browse and see if you find anything that catches your eye.

You can also tap the Search icon (it looks like a magnifying glass) in the top right if there is specific content you're looking for, or tap the sort icon right next to it to see apps and games by the latest release date or alphabetically.

Tapping the Search icon in the top right of the Explore, Home, or Library Pages will open the Search Menu.

From the Search Menu, you can type the name of an app or game that you're looking for and hit enter on your keyboard and you'll see your Search results.

Library Page

The Library Page shows you all the apps you've downloaded using your Leia Account. It will also show you which apps have updates available, which apps are currently installed on your device, and which apps that you own are not installed on your device.

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