This app uses the power of StableDiffusion to bring your dreams to life.
The LeiaDream app is made in partnership with StabilityAI. LeiaDream lets you bring your dreams to life using the power of StableDiffusion and Leia's industry-leading 2D to 3D conversion software.
In LeiaDream, you can spend Leia Credits to generate images from your text prompts. All new users to LeiaDream get 500 Leia Credits when they log in using their Leia Account. Additional Leia Credits can be purchased within the app at a rate of $10 for 1000 Leia Credits. Simple Dreams can be as little as 2 Leia Credits, while more complicated options can cost more Credits.

Using LeiaDream

Using LeiaDream is simple. Simply tap the text boxes below, type what you'd like to Dream into the Positive Prompt Box, and hit the Dream button.
You can also optionally type prompts into the Negative Prompt box, which will tell StableDiffusion specific things you don't want. Under AI Generator Settings, you can adjust various options like Image Width, Image Height, the number of Image(s) per Prompt, and more! Try out the options to learn more. These options are the same as Stable Diffusion and Dream Studio, so you can research those to learn more. After you've created a Dream, it will appear on-screen in 2D. You can tap the image to view it in 3D.

LeiaDream Image Viewing Options

When viewing an image generated with LeiaDream in the full-screen 3D view mode, you can adjust some options to change the viewing experience.
You can tap the 3D button in the lower right to switch between 2D and 3D.
You can tap the button in the bottom left corner that looks like a ball bouncing to animate the 3D image.
You can use the 3D Focus slider on the left to adjust the image's focus. You can use the 3D Depth slider on the right to increase or decrease the image's depth.
You can use the Download button in the top right which looks like an arrow pointing down to download the image to your device.
You can use the LeiaPix icon to the left of the Download button to upload the image straight to LeiaPix.
You can tap on the image at any time to hide or reveal the UI. And you can tap the Back button in the top left corner to exit out of the image view mode and return to the LeiaDream Home page. From there, you can always return to view the previous image and all images you've generated on the device using the "History" button on the LeiaDream Home page.

Now you're all up to speed with what's possible on LeiaDream. Dream away!
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