Importing Files

To import models, tap the + button in the top left corner to open the file browser. Select the model files from whichever directory they are saved to on your device.

Supported File Types

LeiaViewer supports the following file types: FBX, OBJ, STL, GLB, GLTF

We use TriLib 2 for our model loading. If you have issues with file format, please ensure your model meets TriLib standards. More information can be found here:

Importing Model Notes


  • You need to make sure any textures that come with model are in same directory as the model itself


  • STL doesn't have textures, so its a single model format


  • Animations are not a separate file, they are apart of models themselves.

  • Animations are usually included in GLB, GLTF, FBX model files already.

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