(Deprecated) Using After Effects for LitByLeia Displays

The following is a quick start guide for the Leia After Effects template. The aep file can be found at https://github.com/LeiaInc/leiainc.github.io/raw/master/AfterEffects/LeiaAfterEffects_Latest.zip

Creating Content using the Template

Use the "MASTER" comp as the main comp for your project (in the “Content” folder) and use the "MASTER_camera" in this comp as your main camera. The "MASTER_camera" is linked to Leia's AFX render setup and will provide a good idea of what will render on the Leia display.


The "MASTER_camera" by default is set up for comfortable 3D results on the Leia Displays and it should not be moved. There are limitations in AFX regarding linking Multiple cameras, and with our current setup, it is recommended only to move the MASTER camera along the Z axis.

Any AFX 3D layer must be in the same 3D space as the MASTER_Camera to render in real 3D on the Leia display. Do not precomp any 3D enabled layer. Any layer in the MASTER comp that is not 3D enabled will automatically render to the convergence plane on the Leia Display. On this plane there is no depth distortion, it is recommended to keep text at the convergence plane for optimal clarity.

Layers in Depth (LiD) option

An alternative for displaying your content in real depth on the Leia Display using only 2D layers and comps, is to use Leia’s “Layers in Depth” option. This works with any 2D AFX layer and comp which is intended to appear at a fixed depth on the Leia Display.

2D content that is placed into the comps under the “Layers_in_Depth (LiD)” folder, will appear at the physical depth described in the title of the comp (in reference to the convergence plane).

Eg: Content in the “1_LiD +3mm” comp will appear 3mm in front of the convergence plane, and content in the “6_LiD -8mm” will appear 8mm back from the convergence plane.

Any content within these Comps will automatically appear in the “MASTER” Comp and render correctly on the Leia display with no further setup required. If content has only been added using only the “Layers in Depth” option you may skip the next step “Setting up the Leia Display render” and go to “Rendering for the Leia Display”.

Setting up the Leia Display render

  1. Once a desirable look has been achieved through the "MASTER_camera", open the "Leia_Comps" folder and then the folder for the display you are rendering to.

  2. Copy all the content except the "MASTER Camera" from the MASTER comp into all the comps in the "Cameras" folder. If there is existing content in these comps, please delete that content first (this is effectively refreshing the content in these comps with the latest update).

Paste the content into the comps under:

"Leia_Comps> Leia_Lume_Pad_Display (Tablet)> Cameras>":

4v Camera 1

4v Camera 2

4v Camera 3

4v Camera 4

Rendering for the Leia Display

In the "Leia_Comps" folder open the folder for the display you are rendering to.

Leia Lume Pad:

In the "Leia_Comps" folder, render the "Render_Lume_Pad" comp and ensure the output video file name ends with“_2x2”. eg: test1_2x2.mp4.

Adobe Media Encoder H.264 Match Source- High bitrate is recommended for good results. Playback of the video file is possible with the Android "Leia Player" app.

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