(Deprecated) WebGL SDK Guide

This guide will help you develop stunning Lightfield content in WebGL for LitByLeia™ devices.

Prerequisite: Leia Web Helper App

In order to view Lightfield content on the web, you need to install Leia's Web Helper App. This allows communication between browsers and firmware. Click here to download.

Github Repo

Source code and example projects can be found here: https://github.com/LeiaInc/Leia_WebGL_SDK

Which LitByLeia™ devices does the WebGL SDK support?

  • Lumepad


Depending on your development environment needs, you can either download our WebGL SDK from our SDK page or import it as a package using npm. See our Examples below for more details.


  • Example 1 : NPM with Three.js: For users who wish to use Node.js, npm, and Three.js. A step by step tutorial for creating a rotating textured cube and then adding Leia WebGL SDK to it.

  • Example 2: VSC with Three.js: For users who wish to use Visual Studio Code and Three.js. A refactored version of Example 1 designed for easy development within a local Visual Studio Code environment.

  • Example 3: VSC with Pure WebGL: For users who wish to use Visual Studio Code and pure WebGL. A simple example of a rotating colored cube using the latest render-to-texture functionality for improved performance.

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