Scene Setup

Camera Centric And Display Centric


We have two different approaches for setting up your 3D scene:

  • Display Centric: Will create a new camera rig, emulating a Leia device. Intuitive for new / simple projects

  • Camera Centric: Will attach a rig to an existing game camera. Intuitive for porting existing projects


Display Centric

  • Remove any cameras in the scene, if they exist

  • Create an empty GameObject in your desired position and rotation

  • Attach a LeiaDisplay to your empty GameObject

  • Your content may need to be resized / scaled to fit into the Comfort Zone Gizmo

Camera Centric

  • Attach a LeiaDisplay component to your existing camera

  • Adjust the Focal Distance and Depth Factor until content is snug in the Comfort Zone Gizmo. More details on these variables can be found below

More details on each can be found at Leia Display Components.

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