Project Setup

This page details how to setup Unity project settings in preparation for developing for LeiaSR displays.

Download The Leia Unity Plugin Here:

Upgrading from an older version of the Leia Unity Plugin?

Be sure to delete Assets/LeiaLoft folder if it exists before proceeding!

Import The Package

This can be done either by

  • While Unity is running, double-click the .unitypackage or

  • Drag the .unitypackage into your Unity project's Assets folder

There are several project settings necessary or recommended when building for LeiaSR devices. Use the recommended settings window to see what project settings are recommended.

It can be opened from Window > LeiaUnity > Recommended Unity Settings

Apply the recommended project settings for LeiaSR devices by using the "Use recommended" buttons or simply click "Accept All" to automatically apply all recommended settings.

Now that you have finished setting up your project settings to work with LeiaSR displays, it's time to setup your scenes. Continue to Scene Setupto learn how to do this.

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