Live Preview

The Live Preview window provides a method for previewing a LeiaCamera in 4V without using the Arnold Renderer. To use this tool, open the Live Preview window with a LeiaCamera in your scene.

To get started

  1. Install the Leia Maya Remote app on your device. Download it here.

  2. Enable USB Debugging

  3. Connect your devices to the same network.

To use the preview

  1. Open or create a scene with lights, geometry, and a LeiaCamera.

  2. Open the Leia Live Preview window under Leia Menu > Live Preview

  3. Fully close the Leia Maya Remote app and leave your device on the home screen.

  4. Connect the device with a USB cable and press start.

    • A prompt should appear asking for USB access, accept this and the app will launch. Within a few seconds the live stream should begin.

    • A strong wifi connection increases the framerate and reduces latency.

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