(Deprecated) Android Media SDK

Showcase your media by introducing Light-fields in your Android apps.

Android Media SDK

The Android Media SDK provides reusable Android views and easy to use APIs to render different types of images and videos on a Leia Light-field device. The SDK currently supports rendering a Leia Image Format, 2x1 and 2x2 images as well as supports playing 2x1 and 2x2 videos.

Leia's Android Media SDK offers the following key functionalities to speed up your app development-

  • Controlling the backlight of a Leia Device

  • QuadView- A reusable Android View to render images and videos in 4V

  • AntialiasingTextView- A reusable Android TextView to render clear text while the backlight is on

  • Decoding and Encoding Leia Image Format (LIF) images

  • Support for rendering a 2x1 (Also known as SBS) image in 4V

  • Support for rendering a 2x1 (Also known as SBS Video) video in 4V

Difference between Android Media SDK & Android SDK

The Android Media SDK is different from the Android SDK. The Android Media SDK provides the ability to render media in 4V using native Android languages like Kotlin or Java. It offers reusable views like the QuadView to display images in 4V. This is very similar to the ImageView available on Android.

Use the Android Media SDK if your use case simply involves displaying media like images and videos in 4V, toggling the backlight and decoding images supported by the SDK

Use the Android SDK if your use case involves developing games and working with Unity or Unreal engine.

Supported Leia Lightfield Devices

GitHub Samples

You can find Github samples on using the Android Media SDK in the link below

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