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Issue description: After clicking Play, content on device is 2D and fuzzy

Issue cause

Device is not receiving a backlight-on-command from the LeiaRemote.cs script

Steps to resolve

  1. Make sure your target platform in Unity is set to Android in File > Build Settings

  2. Put the Android device in dev mode.

    • Settings app > search for "About phone" > scroll to bottom > push the "Build number" button 7 times

    • In the Settings app, search for "Developer options," ensure dev options are "On", ensure in "Debugging" the option "USB debugging" is enabled

Known Issues

  • Switching apps on the attached LitByLeia Android device and back into Unity Remote will result in the backlight turning off and not turning back on until the user unplays and then plays again in the Unity Editor.

Issue description: After clicking Play, no content streams to the device

Issue cause

Unity did not acquire the Android device recently.

Steps to resolve

Restart the Android device and Unity after changing settings

  • Disconnect device, open Unity

  • In Unity, set Edit → Project settings → Editor → Unity remote → device = Any Android Device

  • Totally close Unity

  • Open Unity Remote 5 app on Android device

  • Connect Android device by USB to Unity machine

  • If prompted, set Android System → Use USB to… to “Charge this device”.

  • If not prompted, drag down notification bar from top of device, select Android System → Use USB to … “Charge this device”

  • Open Unity, open scene, play scene

If the device still won’t display unity content, try the following steps:

  1. Close unity

  2. Execute in CLI: adb kill-server

  3. Execute in CLI: adb start-server

  4. Start Leia Remote

  5. Start Unity

  6. Press play

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