Recommended File Size

The file size limitations in LeiaViewer are impacted by the number of triangles, polygons and vertices of each model.

If your model is not loading, it may be too large to open in LeiaViewer. in this case you should try to reduce the face count to under 100k. You can do this by going into Blender (a free app) and using the decimate tool. You may also want to adjust Image size down to 4K or less in Photoshop. Object orientation and positioning - This was also adjusted in Blender.

  • Face counts: 100k

  • File sizes: 50MB

  • Textures: Over 4K definitely won't work. Smaller is faster

General Recommendations

  • Keep polygon and vertex count below 1 million

  • There is no exact limitation for opening models in LeiaViewer, it depends on the content. Try different LODs and see which works for you.

  • Our rule of thumb is 100k vertices or below, max texture size at 4K

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