Batch Processing

This feature allows you to convert multiple videos serially when queued up properly in Lightfield Studio.

Batch Processing speeds up your Lightfield workflow by allowing you to create a sequence of files to be converted one after another so you can convert multiple videos in one go.

Note: Currently only content that requires identical configuration settings can be batched. e.g. All of your content that rotates clockwise, loops, and requires a baseline multiplier of 1.6 can be batched together.

  • Put all the files you'd like to convert in a single folder on your computer.

  • In Lightfield Studio, there is a button to the right next to the “Browse file” option. Clicking there will open a tray which is the list of which files you'd like to batch convert.

  • Drag and drop each file you'd like to convert to the playlist.

  • Click on the first entry in the playlist, then hit the play button and the conversion will start for all the files.

When the conversion of all the batched files is done, you can treat them like normal converted videos and manually copy the generated Quad Lightfield videos to your Lume Pad.

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