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A more in-depth description of the LeiaLoft™ Unreal SDK's LeiaCamera

The LeiaCamera

The LeiaCamera renders content from the views that LitByLeia™ devices need in order to show content with depth in Lightfield mode.

A LeiaCamera can be set up by a LeiaCameraPawn or a LeiaCameraComponent. In most cases the LeiaCameraPawn should be used as it is easier to work with and set up.


Be sure to enable Bloom on each Camera nested in LeiaCameraPawn rather than globally. Enabling Bloom globally will result in a distorted effect.

Advanced Feature: ZDP Effect

The ZDP effect options can be found here:

The ZDP effect can be toggled on/off with the 'Use Zdp Shear' option. The 'Auto ZDP' will allow custom 'ZDP Shear' values to be used while displaying the effect.

The ZDP feature requires specifying which 'Object Channel' needs to be considered when performing some raycast functionality of the LeiaCamera.

This Object Channel can be named anything and can be specified to the LeiaCamera through the 'Object Type to Query' parameter in the ZDP info struct on the LeiaCamera.

The Object Channel will have to be assigned to objects in the scene which should receive raycasts.

The LeiaCameraPawn

The LeiaCameraPawn sets up a basic LeiaCamera camera rig.

The LeiaCameraPawn should be a child of an Actor with a Camera component. Set the LeiaCameraPawn :: CameraGridSetup :: TargetCamera parameter to the Camera of the Actor.

The LeiaCameraComponent

The LeiaCameraComponent also sets up a LeiaCamera camera rig with multiple perspectives.

The LeiaCameraComponent can handle creation of cameras when the app is already running.

The LeiaCameraComponent does not expect a Target Camera actor, but a CameraComponent. The developer should provide a reference to a CameraComponent in the LeiaCameraComponent's Blueprint Construction section.

Comparing the LeiaCameraPawn to the LeiaCameraComponent




How to set up this asset

  • Create or start with an Actor in the scene with a CameraComponent on that Actor

  • Drag in the LeiaCameraPawn from LeiaCamera > Content > Blueprints and set its parent as the Actor-with-a-CameraComponent

  • Set the LeiaCameraPawn :: Camera Grid Setup :: Target Camera parameter to the parent Actor-with-a-CameraComponent

Connect a blueprint as shown in LeiaCameraComponentExample_BP

What this asset does

Streamlined setup of a LeiaCamera in an Unreal level

Parameterized setup of a LeiaCamera in an Unreal level

Working Example Location

LeiaCamera > Content > SampleLevels > TestSampleScene > GenericTest_ActorExample.

LeiaCamera > Content > Blueprints > LeiaCameraComponentExample_BP

Source Location

LeiaCamera > Source > LeiaCamera > Public > LeiaCameraPawn.h

LeiaCamera > Source > LeiaCamera > Public > LeiaCameraComponent.h

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