Baseline Multiplier

This page outlines how the Baseline Multiplier option in Lightfield Studio works, and how to achieve the best depth for your converted video content.

The Baseline Multiplier multiplies the relative depth of a Lightfield Video. You can use this to achieve the exact depth that you want in your converted scenes.

Getting Started

Firstly, please complete a conversion with a Baseline Multiplier of 1 before attempting to change the Baseline Multiplier. Leia's advanced computer vision algorithms will always attempt to choose a default value that looks great, so for the majority of video files, the initial value of 1 will look the best. By doing the conversion at the value of 1 first, you will get an understanding of what value you should set the multiplier to.

Increase Depth

If you'd like more depth in your scene, you can increase the multiplier until the output looks right for you. Note that a value of 2 will be twice the depth of the default conversion at a value of 1. Note: The higher your Baseline Multiplier value, the higher of a chance you'll get unsightly visual artifacts in your converted output. You can start to see artifacts like these sometimes at multiplier values as low as 1.3, but they become incredibly common in almost all videos at 2.5 or higher. We don't recommend multiplier values of 3 or 4 except in the case of very rare outliers. Use the following steps to achieve the depth that matches your creative vision.

  • Run conversions on the same file while increasing its depth iteratively until you find the best match.

  • Once each is completed copy the file to the Lume Pad and view the converted output for it's quality.

  • If you're still not happy with the output, continue changing the multiplier values and generating Quad Lightfield videos of the same input with increasing Baseline Multiplier values until you achieve your desired depth or begin seeing visual artifacts, whichever comes first.

  • Orbital Content Conversion: Lightfield Studio creates intermediate files whenever it completes it's first Orbital Content Conversion. Therefore, all future file Orbital Content Conversions of the same source file after the first should complete noticeably faster.

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