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LeiaCamera Content > Blueprints

Leia Camera Pawn is an Actor implementation of a LeiaCamera. LeiaCameraComponentExample_BP is a component implementation shown through implementing a Blueprint Actor.

These are the assets that the user can interact directly with in their application.

LeiaCamera Content > Materials

The Unreal materials that the LeiaCamera uses to render, are within Materials > PostProcess.

The LeiaInterlacing, LeiaViewSharpening, LeiaNegativeDOF, LeiaPositiveDOF, LeiaViewSharpening, LeiaZDPRotate materials will need to be assigned to the RenderingInfo struct of LeiaCameraComponent or LeiaCameraPawn when creating custom Blueprints. There are 2 Material Parameter Collections within Materials > MaterialParamCollections

These Material Parameter Collections take care of setting the values across multiple materials being used. Do not make any changes to these.

LeiaCamera Content > SampleLevels

  • First Person

  • Overhead

  • Side Scroller

  • Third Person

These levels demonstrate how the LeiaCamera works with various game perspectives. Be sure to add the levels to your build settings before building.

LeiaCamera Content > SampleLevels > TestSampleScenes

The TestSampleScenes are designed to test features.

The GenericTest_ActorExample and GenericTestComponentExample levels demonstrate how to work with either a LeiaCameraPawn or LeicaCameraComponent without the ZDP features. ZDP_Test & ZDP_Test_Component demonstrate basic set up to test and get started with ZDP features. The ViewSharpeningTest level is useful for debugging ViewSharpening-related issues. The UI Blueprints folder includes UI widgets that are common to the Example levels.


To add these maps, go to Project Settings, Project, Packaging, Packaging, expand dropdown, List of maps to include in packaged builds

LeiaCamera Content > Textures

These assets are used for tuning content. The user should not modify these images.

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