Content Design

Scene Design

On the Leia display, managing the depth of your scene is an important design consideration. The most important content in your scene should intersect with the convergence Plane.

The convergence plane is the area of the scene with the sharpest area of focus. The convergence plane sits at the position of the physical surface of the display. Content that is in front of the convergence plane will extend out from screen, and content that is behind will recede into the screen.

Design your content to have layers of depth to accentuate the parallax motion between foreground, midground and background objects. Placing content at different depths that move with parallax greatly enhance the sense of 3D in your projects.

Controlling Depth

Adjusting the baseline scaling between each virtual camera controls the depth of the 3D effect of your rendering. As these cameras move farther apart, the apparent 3D effect increases but area of critical focus becomes shallower.

If all cameras are positioned with a baseline of zero (when baseline scaling is set to 0.0), all cameras are seeing an identical image and the 3D effect disappears. If the cameras are spaced farther apart, the 3D effect and parallax effects are increased. However individual views of objects farther away from the convergence plane become more apparent.

Tuning the baseline scaling of the LeiaCameraData object will allow you to balance the depth of the rendering and the image quality of the scene.

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