Model Viewer Sample Scene


We have provided the foundation for you to create your own model viewer.

This sample scene works for both Windows using mouse and keyboard and LeiaSR Android devices with one and two finger input.

Personalize The Scene

Making The Model Your Own

  1. Delete or hide the LeiaLogo gameobject at ModelViewer > Model Pivot > LeiaLogo.

  2. Make your model a child object under ModelViewer > Model Pivot > YourModelHere.

Make The Background Your Own

You can adjust or replace the provided Lighting and Background to suite your needs.

Make The Input Your Own

This scene's input script is attached to Model Viewer > Model Pivot. You can

  • Adjust the parameters on tis game object for light customizations

  • Adjust the script at Assets > Leia > Examples > Model Viewer > ModelViewerControls.cs

  • Delete this script in place of your own.

For Windows demos that use the Ultraleap Plugin, we have provided a sample project here.

While we will periodically maintain and update this project's SDKs, please use at your own discretion.


We are excited to see what projects you develop and hope this sample scene helps you along!

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