Supported Media

Overview of different media supported by the SDK.

Image Support

The SDK provides support for rendering different types of images. This section gives an overview of the different images frequently used with a Leia Light-field device. It's good to have some knowledge of the supported media, since the nomenclature for it will occur throughout the documentation.

1) Quad (2x2)

  • The Quad, also known as 2x2, is a grid arrangement of images, as seen in the figure.

  • To display an image using a QuadView, all images must be in a quad format. The QuadView takes in a Bitmap which represents a Quad.

  • Each ViewPoint in this type of image represents a single view rendered on a Leia Device.

  • All other image types are first be converted to a Quad and then displayed using a QuadView. The conversion process will be discussed in later chapters.

To ensure compatibility with the SDK, Quad images on disk must include a suffix of _2x2 in their file name.

2) SBS (2x1)

  • SBS or 2x1 is one of the popular image types in the 3D community. It is a stereo pair of images placed in a side-by-side format

  • The Android Media SDK offers APIs to decode SBS images, generate viewpoints and convert them to Quads.

To ensure compatibility with the SDK, SBS images on disk must include a suffix of _2x1 in their file name.

3) Leia Image Format (H4V_Binary, H4V_XMP)

  • A Leia Image Format or LIF image is a stereo image with its depth information encoded within the image. As a result, the image looks just like a regular 2D image, but can be decoded using the Leia SDK and viewed in 4V on a Leia Light-field device.

  • The Leia Image format consists of two types- H4V_Binary and H4V_XMP

  • The SDK offers APIs to decode, generate viewpoints and convert an LIF to a Quad, making it very easy to display with the QuadView.

  • All Images captured using Leia Devices are encoded in this format.


1) Quad Video (2x2)

  • A Quad (2x2) video is similar to a Quad (2x2) image where each view represents a different viewpoint on a Leia Lightfield Display.

  • Quad videos can be easily rendered onto a QuadView

  • The SDK offers easy integration with Exoplayer to play a video in 4V using the QuadView.

  • All videos captured using a Leia Lightfield device are stored in this format.

To ensure compatibility with the SDK, all Quad videos on disk must include a suffix of _2x2 in their file name.

2) SBS Video (2x1)

  • A 2x1 or SBS video is the most commonly used format for 3D videos.

  • The Android Media SDK provides support for this format and also provides APIs to convert a 2x1 video into a 2x2 video in realtime, for playing using a QuadView.

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