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Render your content in multiview. Android applications can be adapted or created from scratch using a simple C API. A complete set of samples and documentation included.

Leia Creative Toolkit​

v 0.0.4

Leia Native SDK Contents

Native Libraries and Headers

The LeiaNativeSDK directory contains .so libraries and the headers needed in order to build for an NDK application. Your applications will need to link to these libraries based on their platform, as well as add the header(s) to the projects in order to use the classes provided.



Inside the samples directory the basic sample code used to highlight how to use the libraries from the LeiaNativeSDK directory. This is a sample downloaded from the Google NDK samples called “Teapots”, and Leia extended this application since it is something every developer can get familiar with and see how we have modified it.


Another sample is to highlight how to add Java and JNI code to your NativeActivity project if you currently do not include any. This is necessary in order to interact with the Leia system service, which provides hardware specific information needed by the library.


The source folder has useful code which can be used to simplify different operations in a project. For example, the LeiaJNIDisplayParameters folder contains two files for simplifying implementing the JNI interface which carries information about the Leia hardware through Java and into the Native code.

Prebuilt Applications

The sample projects provided are fully functional, but to see them in action without building the projects separately, the application files are provided here.

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