Error: Cannot Read Model

There are a few reasons for this error to appear when importing a local model:

Confirm LeiaViewer Has Permission To Access The File

  • Long press on the LeiaViewer App
  • Select App Info
  • Tap Permission
  • Ensure Files and media is 'Allowed'

Report A Bug

You can report a bug using our LeiaViewer Forums. To get the quickest solution, please provide the following:
  • Confirmation your file meets the texture and file size recommendations
  • Your LeiaViewer version: this can be found by long pressing on Leia Viewer, tapping on App Info
  • Model for reproducing the issue
    • If loading a local file: A zip file with the model you are trying to load
    • If loading from Sketchfab, the name of the model and author
  • A description of the problem you are experiencing
  • (Optional) If you have Android Studio and are familiar with recording Android Logcat, a log file with the issue would greatly help troubleshooting
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