Leia Display Components

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(Camera Centric, Display Centric)

Allows you to select between weaved or side by side rendering in the editor preview.

  • Weaved

    • Renders as the image would on a Leia Device in 3D. The more "fuzzy" a part of the image is, the more it will 'pop out' or 'recess into' the screen. The clearer and in focus a part of the image is, the closer to the Focal Distance.

  • Side by Side

    • Renders as two separate views side by side, which can be useful for debugging rendering issues in 3D.

Please note, this preview setting does not impact rendering of the built application.

Focal Distance

(Camera Centric)

This is the distance between your camera and the display.

  • Objects in front of the Focal Distance will 'pop out' of the screen

  • Objects behind the Focal Distance will 'recess into' the screen

  • Objects at the focal distance will appear right on the screen

More details on this value can found in Optimizing Object Placement

Depth Factor

(Camera Centric, Display Centric)

The 3D ‘Magnification’. Scales virtual camera’s IPD for stronger or less intense 3D effect.

More details on this value can found in Optimizing Object Placement

Look Around Factor

(Camera Centric, Display Centric)

The scale of which the user’s tracked head effects the virtual camera position

  • A value of 1: A 1:1 relationship with the viewer's real world head position

  • A value of 0: The viewer's head position will not affect the camera position at all

  • A value greater than 1: More camera movement than the user's head is moving

Field Of View

(Camera Centric)

Given to our rig by the driving camera for convenience. Can also be modified from either the Leia Display component or the existing Camera component.

FOV Factor

(Display Centric)

FOV Factor scales the camera rig’s field of view. A value of 1 to represent the natural field of view of the Leia Display for the most realistic 3D effect.

Virtual Display Height

(Display Centric)

The height of the Leia display in the virtual world.

Anti Aliasing

Anti-aliasing quality on each view's render texture. More details can be found on Unity's documentation here:


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