Getting Started

This is how you set up your Unity development environment for developing LeiaSR applications.

What are the dev environment requirements for the LeiaSR Plugin for Unity?

  • Development can be done in the Unity Editor on a MacOS or Windows PC

  • The LeiaSR Unity Plugin is supported for Unity 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and later LTS versions.

  • For LeiaSR Windows Application Development: To ensure compatibility, download and install the latest SRPlatform, version 1.28.1, available at

  • For LeiaSR Android Application Development: To ensure compatibility, update LeiaDisplayConfig and LeiaFaceTracking to the latest version, 0.8.28, which you can find on the LeiaAppstore.

Which LeiaSR™ devices does the Unity Plugin support?

This plugin can be used on any LeiaSR device, which can be found at:

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