Loading the Plugin

Open the Plugin Manager under Windows>Settings/Preferences>Plugin Manager. Search for the "LeiaPlugin" and click on the checkbox labeled "Loaded." Check the "Auto Loaded" box to load the plugin on startup.

Quick Start

Create a LeiaCamera from the Leia Plugin Menu

Add geometry and lighting to your scene then point your LeiaCamera at the content and change its parameters.

Objects can "come out" and "go into" a Leia Display. The blue zone in the editor helps gauge where content will appear.

  • In other words, the blue zone demonstrate where objects are physically in space when viewed on a Leia Display.

  • In this example below, the sphere is in focus and the green boxes will be in front and behind the display.

Open the Render Manager from the Leia Plugin Menu and render a single frame.

  • The output will be in "Quad" format where the cameras are composited into a grid as shown below.

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